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Mentor Responsibilities

Mentors are assigned to coach new inspectors on the entire inspection and accreditation process. The success of the on-site training inspection depends on how the mentor and the trainee take advantage of this opportunity.


As soon as a mentor is assigned a trainee, the mentor must contact the trainee and advise them to review program documents and contact the mentor with any questions. The mentor should contact the trainee before the inspection to discuss the on-site inspection process. It is important the mentor remind the trainee to print the checklist and bring it to the inspection, and verify the trainee has a full understanding of the inspection process and answer any questions.


After the inspection, the mentor should remind the trainee to complete the printed inspection checklist (including descriptions of deficiencies in the comments column) and the evaluation. The trainee must email these documents to the mentor and FACT coordinator within three days of the inspection.

The mentor reviews the trainee’s report and provides feedback to the trainee. Within two weeks of the inspection, the mentor submits the trainee’s inspection checklist and report, and completes the mentor evaluation.

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