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Interrupted Travel Plans

Unexpected complications sometimes occur immediately before or during on-site inspections. Examples of such situations include a cancelled or delayed flight, heavy traffic the morning of the inspection, or an unexpected illness. When an unforeseeable event occurs, it is important to have a communication strategy with both the applicant organization and the inspection team in order to preserve the integrity of the inspection.


Inspectors should have the phone numbers and email addresses for the applicant’s key personnel and the FACT inspection team members easily accessible (such as in a printed document, or in a cellular phone contact list).


In case you should need medical attention while on an inspection, or have an existing medical condition, we recommend that you provide emergency contact information to the inspection team. If an emergency does happen, it is the responsibility of the inspector to notify the inspection team and applicant of the situation. It is important to communicate with the applicant and the team as soon as possible to make everyone aware of the issue. Others may need to assist during the inspection

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