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Closing the

Exit Interview

Describe the next steps of the accreditation process. Remind the applicant that the Accreditation Committee will review the report and citations may be modified; no immediate changes should be made by the program. The importance of this cannot be understated. These points can be summarized as, “Our reports will be summarized for the Accreditation Committee by the FACT Coordinator. The Accreditation Committee generally meets monthly; therefore, you should not expect to hear from FACT for 6-8 weeks. I suggest you not make any changes until you receive your final report. The report will include a timeline for you to follow in preparing and documenting any required changes."


Allow the applicant to ask questions, but maintain control of the session. Do not allow this to go on too long or become an argument. Finally, leave the inspection on a positive note.  Remember you must not indicate whether the applicant is likely to achieve a particular accreditation outcome, or what your recommendation will be.

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