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FACT is a non-profit organization, and one of its largest expenses is travel. We ask that inspectors make airline reservations as soon the inspection date and team are confirmed in order to secure the most economical airfare.  FACT contacts with a commercial travel agency, Corporate Travel Management, to assist you in making airline and hotel reservations. You may contact Corporate Travel Management from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm central time at 1-844-378-2955 (international travelers should call 1-402-399-4500). 


The benefits of using a commercial travel agency include:


  • FACT will be billed directly for the cost of the airfare which eliminates inspectors having to initially use personal funds and request reimbursement from the FACT office.

  • Corporate Travel Management will apply inspectors’ loyalty reward numbers to any airline so inspectors may continue to accumulate airline miles.

  • Using Corporate Travel Management can save the inspector time by vetting all flight options to find the right fare at the lowest rate.

  • Inspectors might encounter difficulties when traveling. A travel agent’s assistance can make travel less stressful.


If Corporate Travel Management is not used, travelers are required to submit an itinerary that includes prices to the FACT office prior to booking. Non-refundable airfares are recommended. If your flight is above $600, please use Corporate Travel Management to book your ticket.


Travel guidelines and reimbursement policy


You must plan on arriving in the city of the on-site inspection the evening before the inspection date to meet with other members of the inspection team. Departure flights on the final day of the inspection must be after 7:00 pm on the last inspection day to ensure a thorough inspection takes place. Your departure flight must allow for you to complete an entire day’s inspection and be present for the exit interview. This is extremely important, as inspections must not be rushed in order to catch a flight. It also shows courtesy to the applicant who worked diligently in the months leading up to the inspection. Applicants put forth great effort to prepare for an inspection and it is neither fair to them, nor good for FACT’s reputation, to rush an inspection.


Inspectors often find it useful to stay the night after the inspection to complete their inspection report while the information is still fresh in their memory. In this situation, the extra night’s expenses are billable to FACT.


FACT asks applicant organizations to provide suggestions for hotels and for travel to and from  the hotel and facility. Make sure you have received an address and/or clear directions to your hotel and to the facility to be inspected in case you have to travel there alone.


FACT only covers your expenses directly associated with the inspection. Please ensure personal arrangements do not interfere with the inspection.

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