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Once the on-site inspection is over and you return home, the process is not complete. Please remember what you learned is confidential and should not be discussed, even with your colleagues.


Complete your inspection report within three days of the inspection and include:

  • The completed Compliance Application.

  • The written report, automatically generated by the accreditation portal, includes the applicable standard number and a description of the deficiency. Include a list of missing documents, suggestions for improvement, and any additional comments or recommendations you feel may help the Accreditation Committee evaluate the applicant’s compliance with the Standards. If you are not clear about certain points you made in your notes, you should consult with other members of the inspection team or call the applicant for clarification. 

  • Additional documentation obtained during the on-site inspection to support your observations (for example, updated forms).


Within two weeks of the inspection, the team leader reviews the complete inspection report and clarifies any ambiguous deficiencies and missing details. A prompt report is the easiest to prepare, and makes a significant difference to the inspection turnaround time. It allows the FACT Accreditation Coordinator to prepare a summary report for the FACT Accreditation Committee, and for the committee to review this information and make the accreditation decision in a timely manner. Since the Accreditation Committee meets on a monthly basis, a delay in submitting your report could mean the decision will be deferred to a later committee meeting. As an incentive to meeting FACT timelines, your reimbursement will not be processed until your inspection report has been received.


It is very helpful for inspectors to attend the FACT Accreditation Committee meeting during which the organization’s report is being reviewed. The committee relies on inspectors to answer questions concerning the inspected organization. Inspectors receive an invitation from their Accreditation Coordinator to this meeting. After you have been notified the applicant has received FACT accreditation, all materials related to the inspection must be destroyed.

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