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Ongoing Requirements

FACT is fortunate to have dedicated, long-term inspectors. Due to the evolving nature of the FACT Standards and accreditation requirements, it is necessary that inspectors’ knowledge of FACT-related issues stay current. Therefore, all inspectors are required to take an Inspector Test for each version of the Standards and answer 90% of the questions correctly.


FACT recommends that all inspectors perform at least two inspections a year. FACT depends on the commitment of volunteer experts and their willingness to participate as peers. We continuously rely on our inspectors to visit their colleagues during on-site inspections. Without this collaborative effort, FACT would not have the influence it has today.


FACT receives feedback in a variety of ways, including on-site inspection evaluations, workshop evaluations, and written and verbal correspondence. If a trend is identified that warrants additional training, the FACT Education Committee may require inspectors to participate in additional educational activities. When this is necessary, FACT ensures that the training involves minimal time and financial resources.


Each year FACT asks all inspectors to update their credentials, contact information, and to submit new Statements of Compliance with the Duality of Interest and Confidentiality policies. Clinicians are also asked to complete a Professional History form.

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