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Completing the Inspection Checklist

The inspection checklist is an important tool for inspectors and should be used at all times during the inspection. Not only does it ensure that compliance with each standard is verified, but it also provides a resource for inspectors when writing inspection reports. Furthermore, the FACT Accreditation Coordinators refer to the completed inspection checklists for clarification when needed. The checklist can be completed in the FACT Accreditation Portal. Your accreditation coordinator sends you an exported version of the checklist if you prefer to work with the printed version. Whether you use a printed version or work within the portal, it is very important to take excellent notes.

Complete and accurate information in the inspection checklist directly impacts the ability of the Accreditation Committee to understand the inspector’s findings during an on-site inspection.

If there are ambiguities in the checklist, the FACT Accreditation Coordinator will request clarification.


The following are important reminders for completing the online compliance application:

  • Check “compliant” or “non-compliant” for each question: The inspection checklist is the official documentation of compliance with each requirement; therefore, each question must be answered. It is not sufficient to answer only portions of the checklist, because compliance or noncompliance cannot be assumed by the FACT Accreditation Office.

  • Select only one answer for each question: Applicants can only be in compliance with a standard if all required elements are met. If only partial compliance can be verified, check “non-compliant” and provide an explanation in the comments field.

  • Provide notes in the comments field: While noncompliance with a requirement is clear for many standards (e.g., the absence of an SOP), it may not be clear for others. For example, if a facility is found to be inadequate for the scope of activities performed, explain why. The online compliance application requires the inspector to include comments for any question or standard marked non-compliant.


These steps will help you remember the deficiencies you found and provide supplemental information for the FACT Accreditation Committee.

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