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Conducting the

Exit Interview

The exit interview is intended to summarize inspection findings to the applicant. Inspectors must use caution during this meeting. An accreditation decision cannot be implied, nor can citations be stated with certainty that they will be included in the final inspection report.






Remember the FACT inspection and accreditation process has

several layers of oversight to ensure consistency and objectivity,

and changes may be made to the inspection report between the

on-site inspection and accreditation decision.

The team leader may choose to meet with the director privately to apprise him/her of the inspection team’s findings. These meetings are often reserved for situations in which serious deficiencies have been noted. The director may elect to hold a meeting with some or all staff to share this information. This is permissible; however, some institutions require  more than one staff member and/or a quality professional be present at all times during the inspection. This policy, when present, must be honored by the inspector.

As stated above, personnel attendance at the exit interview is at the discretion of the director. Some may request only key personnel be present, while some may request institutional leadership or staff-level employees to attend.

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