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Pre-Inspection Team Meeting

All inspection teams are required to meet the night before the inspection or immediately prior to the inspection. The in-person meeting before the inspection consists of all team members. 

The pre-inspection meeting is often the key to a well-organized and efficient inspection. Take time to cover the material in detail and review your plans.

Specifically, this meeting is an important part of the process because it allows the team to:

  • Review the application together and identify particular concerns or issues that may require additional attention.

  • Ensure all team members understand the structure and function of the applicant.

  • Establish initial and exit interview expectations.

  • Plan the inspection itself. Review the agenda and modify as necessary to ensure appropriate coverage of the entire program.

  • Allow inspectors who are sharing an area (for example, the Processing Facility) to divide the responsibility to minimize overlap, and to ensure complete coverage and adequate time to compare notes before the exit interview.

  • Ask and answer any final questions.


The on-site inspection evaluation to be completed after the site visit, asks you and your team members if the pre-inspection meeting took place. The joint preparation by inspection team members is critical to the success of an inspection. Sometimes, extenuating factors may prevent an in-person pre-inspection team meeting at the location of the inspection (flight availability, distance between cord blood collection sites and central bank, etc.). If such factors exist, it is the responsibility of the team leader to plan for a meeting via teleconference. The FACT Accreditation Office will assist with arrangements if requested, including arranging for a teleconference number and/or setting up a meeting time and place.

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