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Organizing the Checklist

The checklist is organized by standard number. However, this is not always the order in which information is presented during an inspection.  It is crucial to have a plan to ensure every standard has been inspected.  It is helpful to double-check your work at the end of the inspection and confirm you have inspected each standard.


It is acceptable to:

  • Begin with documentation review, allowing the organization time to gather missing documentation during lunch, or

  • Begin with the tour to familiarize yourself with the workflow and check obvious compliance issues, such as cleanliness and safety.


Review your plan with your team to ensure completion and consistency. Always use the checklists. Even if you have inspected many times, the checklist is a great safeguard, especially with the publication of different editions of Standards.


Notes are useful when writing the inspection report and are helpful to review before attending an Accreditation Committee meeting and when answering specific questions from the committee.

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