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Accepting an Inspection Assignment

The FACT office sends invitations to conduct inspections. The email messages list the program, location, and types of inspectors needed. Please review each of these invitations to determine if you are available for an upcoming inspection. Remember that inspectors ideally perform two inspections per year.


Before accepting an inspection assignment from FACT, double check your calendars  to avoid conflicts, and take into account travel time. The date you are given at the time of the request is the date that should be confirmed in your calendar. It is not a tentative date. Although a full team may not have yet been selected, when you confirm availability for an inspection, FACT is planning on your participation. If for any reason the date does happen to change, you will be notified.


Sometimes inspectors provide the FACT office several dates they are available for an inspection. This is a useful approach for accommodating inspectors’ schedules. Please keep all provided dates open until you know the definitive date of the inspection provided by the FACT office.

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