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FACT Inspector Handbook 

4th Edition


Thank you for volunteering your time and expertise as a FACT inspector! Your contributions are critical to promoting FACT’s mission to improve the quality of cellular therapy. We hope you enjoy your experiences: educating and learning from other organizations, networking, traveling, and advancing the field. This Inspector Handbook provides tips in an easy-to-read format and shares the guidelines and wisdom that inspectors and accredited organizations have developed since the inception of FACT.

FACT’s mission is to improve the quality of cellular therapy through peer-developed standards, education and accreditation for the benefit of patients. We believe a voluntary organization of practicing professionals is best positioned to improve patient care and foster development of the cell therapy field through quality standards and accreditation.  This accreditation process must assess both clinical and laboratory practices to include all aspects of cellular therapy, from donor evaluation and selection to patient administration and follow-up.  

FACT has been fortunate to recruit excellent inspectors who have undertaken this vital task on a voluntary basis. Without these outstanding individuals, it would be impossible for FACT to experience such success with an excellent reputation.


This handbook is a resource to provide inspectors a brief background on FACT and tips for the inspection and accreditation process.  Most of this information comes from the advice of current FACT inspectors and accredited organizations. The collective knowledge of those that have participated in FACT processes provides valuable insight into what contributes to an effective and positive inspection experience.

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